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Title: 16、17世纪欧洲科技发明对玻璃工艺的影响
Authors: 王小茉
Keywords: 16、17世纪
16th to 17th centuries
science and technology
glass crafts
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 16、17世纪是欧洲最关键的两百年。这一时期,近代科学家的探索与研究,导致实验科学和纯思辩哲学的分离,知识逐步世俗化。科学精神在欧洲建立起来,科学、技术蓬勃发展,带动了社会其他领域的进步。工艺美术属于艺术的一个门类,它的发展与所处社会的时代、地域背景不可分割。而工艺技术的演变与革新,尤其受到同时期科技成果的影响。本文以欧洲16、17世纪的玻璃工艺作为研究对象,探讨科技对工艺美术的影响,揭示两者之间的内在关系。全文共四章。在前三章中,从玻璃的生产、色彩以及装饰技术三个方面,具体阐述科技进步起到的推进作用。论文的第四章,通过比较欧洲玻璃与中国玻璃的发展历史,分析和解释由于原料成分、用途及社会认识差异,导致中国古代玻璃在工艺美术中一直处在微末地位。希望能对中国当代玻璃工艺的发展和研究产生一定的参照和借鉴作用。
The sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries are the very critical period of Europe’s history. In those days, the exploration and researches made by modern scientists had inevitably separated practical science from philosophy, hence the gradually popularization of knowledge. The scientific spirit was established in Europe, and the development of science and technology further pushed the advance of other fields in society. Crafts belong to a category under art. Its development can’t be separated from social and geography background. And the techniques of art are especially under the influence of scientific and technical fruits of the same period. The background of this thesis is 16th and 17th centuries’ Europe. Making glass crafts as its researching object, the thesis gives some study in the influence of science and techniques on crafts, and reveals the inner connections of the two. The thesis has four chapters in total. The first three chapters elaborate on the contribution that the progress of science and technology has made on glass crafts from three aspects: the production, the color, the techniques and decoration. While the fourth chapter makes a comparison of European glass and Chinese glass from a historical point of view. It analyzes and explains the reasons that why ancient Chinese glass enjoy such status in Chinese crafts, and serves as a reference for the development and study of modern Chinese glass crafts.
Description: 参考文献14
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2206
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