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Title: 国家体育场施工方案的优化及虚拟实施
Authors: 胡振中
Keywords: 国家体育场
the National Stadium
4D management
Construction Optimization
Virtual Construction
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 国家体育场是北京2008年奥运会的主体育场。作为该工程总承包的北京城建集团肩负着组织和实施工程建设的重任。因为体育场结构复杂、规模庞大,施工难度大,加上建设工期十分紧迫,所以如何高效而高质的施工是本项工程的关键。为了确保国家体育场工程高效、优质地顺利进行,关键在于应用高新技术,对施工方案进行科学的优化、对施工过程进行严格的管理和控制。本课题研究将建筑施工4D管理系统应用于国家体育场工程,采用CATIA建立钢结构网盖的精确三维模型,并将模型细分,通过转换成3ds max 的STL格式文件,再转换成DWG文件,成功导入到AutoCAD和4D-GCPSU 2005中;通过对国家体育场施工方案的深入分析和了解,结合4D-CAD技术,采用动画演示和4D显示方式实现了国家体育场施工方案可视化模拟;课题研究还将Augmented SDESA系统应用于国家体育场工程,建立了与工程实际符合的施工过程模型,对钢结构吊装过程及其资源控制进行模拟和方案比较,并通过系统优化功能的扩充,实现了施工方案的资源优化,取得了较好的成果,为国家体育场施工方制定施工方案提供了定量的参考意见。本课题研究针对国家体育场工程的实际需求,综合应用先进的计算机技术,所取得的研究成果在实际应用中得到了充分的肯定,对于实现节约施工资源消耗、提高施工效率、缩短施工工期的目标,具有研究和应用价值。
The National Stadium is the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The Beijing Chengjian Corporation, which is the chief contractor, is in charge of organizing and implementing the project. It is Crucial to complete the construction efficiently and high-qualitatively since The National Stadium has complex structure, large construct scale, high difficulty in construction and pressure time. To ensure that the project be under construction efficiently and with high quality, it is important to manage the project with high technology and optimize the construction method.Our researches focus on the application of the 4D-GCPSU 2005 in the National Stadium project. We set up the exactitude 3D-Model of its steel structure in CATIA and convert the model to DWG data files, which can be read by AutoCAD and used by 4D-GCPSU 2005. By using the technology of 4D-CAD we also implement animation of virtual construction and the 4D-display. Also we set up the construction process model in SDESA. By simulating the construction process, comparing different construction methods and optimizing the construction method, we can give out valuable and quantitative ideas for construction managers. The result is satisfying.This research combines advanced computer technology with the construction of the National Stadium to achieve the aims of reducing construction resources, improving construction efficiency and shortening the duration of the project.
Description: 参考文献29
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2258
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