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Title: 集成化MicroPACS关键技术研究
Authors: 黎成权
Keywords: 医学图像归档和通讯系统
PACS(Picture Archiving & Communication System)
DICOM(Digital Imaging and Communication of Medicine)
2D and 3D images process
Volume Rendering
Web Communication
Expanding of the System
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: PACS(Picture Archiving & Communication System),即图像存档及通信系统,是现代放射学、影像医学、数字化图像技术与计算机技术及通信技术相结合的一个系统,它目前在医院的信息管理中发挥着越来越重要的作用。本课题以当前PACS的设计和应用情况为背景,并以现有的医疗信息技术和医学影像技术为基础,开发一套集成化的MicroPACS(小型PACS)系统平台,并在此平台上研究有关PACS的关键技术,特别是医学影像可视化技术,以及医学图像三维体绘制的改良技术。本课题将能够为后续研究和开发PACS技术提供方便的平台支持和技术范例。本课题完成的MicroPACS平台将能够满足一般PACS工作站的功能性要求,即能够对符合DICOM3.0标准(医学数字成像和通讯标准)的医学图像文件进行二维和三维的图像显示和处理,使用基于硬件加速的体绘制技术进行三维重建,提取文件头重要信息,进行符合DICOM标准的文件网络传输;而且,本平台提供非常方便的可扩展性,研发人员可以通过平台提供的良好接口进行对MicroPACS平台的功能扩展和技术测试。
PACS(Picture Archiving & Communication System)is a great system, the technology of which is made up of modern Radiology, Medical Imaging, Digital Imaging Technology and the Techology of Computers & Communications, and bacomes more and more important in the developing of the management of Hospital Information. This project is going to design a system called MicroPACS, which is a small PACS, to develop some of the most important technology of PACS, especially the image processing technology and the volume rendering technology. The aim of this project is to apply some great support and technology samples to the designers of PACS. The MicroPACS is expected to meet the need as a realitity PACS Station. The need includes processing DICOM 2D and 3D images, hardware-accelerated volume rendering, reading the meta info head in the DICOM files, and communicating through the Web according to the DICOM3.0. And there is a great expanding of MicroPACS. With this expanding way, the designers of PACS are able to insert new technology to MicroPACS and take some tests.
Description: 参考文献9
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2260
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