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Title: WTO争端解决机制框架下解决纺织品特保问题的可行性与必要性分析
Authors: 范建平
Keywords: 纺织品特保条款
Textile and Apparel Safeguards
Product-Specific Safeguards
dispute settlement system of WTO
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 到目前为止,美国已四次运用纺织品特保措施,土耳其和欧盟也分别启动了该措施。一时间,纺织品特保措施对中国纺织品和服装产品已成“围剿”之势。本文首先探讨了纺织品特保条款的一些基本问题,如其历史背景,其与保障措施的关系,其与特保条款的关系等。在此基础上,作者又着重考察了美国实施纺织品保障措施法律上和实践上存在的问题,如程序过于宽松易于被滥用,该程序中缺乏对“市场扰乱”的定义,其对“国内产业”的界定有违中国入世法律文件和WTO相关规定,其因果关系的判断存在严重缺陷等。据此,笔者提出,中国不妨将纺织品特保措施问题诉诸WTO争端解决机制。最后,本文还对诉诸争端解决机制的必要性和策略进行了分析。
So far, US have applied the Textile and Apparel Safeguards for four times. Turkey and European community have also initiated the measure. So the China origin Textile and Apparel has got into trouble because of the abuse of Textile and Apparel Safeguards measures. In this article, the author first looks over some basic aspects of the Textile and Apparel Safeguards, such as the history, its relationship with the ordinary safeguards, and with the Product-Specific Safeguards. Then, the author analyzes legal problems in the application of Textile and Apparel Safeguards measures of US. Firstly, the procedure is so loose that it is vulnerable to be abused. Secondly, the lack of the definition of “market disruption” and the erroneous definition of “domestic industry” are inconsistent both with the legal documents of China accession and those of WTO. Last but not least, the judgment of causal link is also unjustified. From what has been discussed above, the author draws the conclusion that China should appeal to dispute settlement system of WTO. In the end, the author also explains the necessity and stratagem for this action.
Description: 参考文献30
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2262
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Appears in Collections:Outstanding Thesis of Undergraduate Students 本科生优秀毕业论文(2005)

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