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Title: 40 Gb/s集成光源模块用微波过渡热沉优化设计与制作
Other Titles: Optimazing design and fabrication of micro-waveguide interim submount used in the pakaging of integrated light source
Authors: 袁贺
Keywords: 高速微波热沉
High-speed microwave submount
parallel plate mode (PPM)
grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW)
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2007
Abstract: 论文首先对直波导,过渡波导,完整过渡段波导结构三种类型的波导结构进行了模拟仿真,仿真发现GCPW结构存在由平行平板模式引发的谐振。 对三种类型的波导分别对其进行优化,优化的手段是用通孔将GCPW结构的上下表面连通。合理的设计通孔的尺寸和在热沉上的分布成为了优化的关键,本论文采用的方式是:观察各个谐振点处的场强分布,在强电场处打上通孔使上下地电极连通。仿真结果表明,通过优化通孔的位置和尺寸,可以有效地抑制GCPW中的平行平板模式。 在仿真设计出通孔结构后,实际制作了适于测量的带完整过渡段的波导结构。并通过激光打孔,实现了带有通孔的波导结构。测量结果表明,通孔结构能有效的抑制谐振,为进一步将其应用于高速集成光源模块封装奠定了基础。
The first part of the thesis focuses on simulation of three types of coplanar waveguide (CPW). The simulation results show resonances caused by parallel plate mode (PPM) in grounded CPW (GCPW) structures. To suppress the parallel plate mode in GCPW structures, via holes are introduced to connect the top and bottom ground electrodes. The key point in the process is to optimize the size and the position of the via holes. The paper adopts the following approach: The electric field strength on every resonance point is first calculated, then via holes are drilled at places with high electric field intensity to link the two ground electrodes of the GCPW structure. The simulation results show that it is able to suppress the parallel plate mode of GCPW structure by optimizing the size and the position of via holes on the submount. Based on the above simulations, we have fabricated submount with integrated interim waveguide which can be measured. Laser drilling was adopted for forming via holes on the submount. The measurement results show that resonances due to parallel plate mode have been effectively suppressed by introducing via holes to the submount. These results can be of great value for potential use for the packaging of high-speed integrated light source module.
Description: 参考文献6
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2326
Source URI: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/handle/123456789/385
Source Fulltext: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/bitstream/123456789/385/1/023%e8%a2%81%e8%b4%ba2003011189-2003.pdf
Appears in Collections:Outstanding Thesis of Undergraduate Students 本科生优秀毕业论文(2007)

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