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Title: 1-伪树图基于连接性指数的极图研究
Other Titles: Research on the Connectivity Index of Quasi-Tree Graphs
Authors: 鲍奇
Keywords: 连接性指数
connectivity index
quasi-tree graphs
sorting problem
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2007
Abstract: 图G的连接性指数定义为图G中所有边uv上的权重(d(u)d(v))^0.5之和,这里d(u),d(v)别是图G中顶点u,v的度数. 一个图G称为1-伪树图,如果G中存在这样的顶点v,满足T=G-v为一棵树. 我们将通过比较1-伪树图连接性指数的大小给出1-伪树图的一个简要的极图排序.
The connectivity index of a graph G is the sum of the weights (d(u)d(v))^0.5, where d (u) and d (v) are the degrees of the vertices u and v in G. A graph G is called quasi-tree, if there exists v∈G such that is a tree. In this paper, we give a brief order of quasi-tree graphs by comparing their connectivity index.
Description: 参考文献23
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2327
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Source Fulltext: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/bitstream/123456789/419/1/042%e9%b2%8d%e5%a5%872003012199-2003.pdf
Appears in Collections:Outstanding Thesis of Undergraduate Students 本科生优秀毕业论文(2007)

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