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Title: 1.5级跨音压气机的数值模拟
Other Titles: Numerical Investigation of 1.5-stage transonic compressor
Authors: 任晓栋
Keywords: 跨音压气机
Transonic Compressor
Bow Shock
Passage Shock
Clocking Effect
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2008
Abstract: 本文以即将建设的1.5级跨音压气机试验台所使用的压气机为研究对象,利用CFD对其进行了定常和非定常研究。在定常部分,计算了该压气机6种不同转速下的特性曲线。并且在设计转速下,对该压气机内部流动进行了研究。研究表明:在近失速工况下,动叶头缘上游存在脱体弓形激波,且激波强度最强;动叶吸力面50%叶高以上、静叶吸力面50%叶高以下以及出口导叶吸力面50%叶高以下均有分离产生,尤其在静叶和出口导叶近轮毂处,分离最严重。在设计工况下,动叶头缘处存在弓形激波,激波强度较强;各叶片流道内流动状况良好,无分离产生。在堵塞工况下,不仅在动叶头缘处存在弓形激波,而且在动叶、静叶和出口导叶流道内存在通道激波;静叶和出口导叶吸力面全叶高上均有分离产生,且靠近轮毂和轮缘处,分离严重。在非定常部分,进行了静叶-出口导叶和入口导叶-静叶时序效应的研究。研究表明:静叶与出口导叶间存在一最佳时序位置,能使压气机效率提高约0.44%。而入口导叶与静叶间时序效应不明显,仅使效率提高约0.0025%,可以忽略。此外,静叶和出口导叶轴向间隙的变化会使最佳时序位置发生变化,本文初步得出了间隙与最佳时序位置间的变化曲线。上述结论可以为试验台建设中,探头位置的确定、激光测窗位置的选取、设备量程的取值以及时序效应研究中静叶和出口导叶时序位置的选取等提供指导。此外,该算例作为一盲解,将来同实验结果对比后,可以用来检验和校准CFD程序,为国内F级燃机设计平台的建设打下以良好的基础。
The 1.5-stage transonic compressor, which is used in the 1.5-stage transonic compressor test rig, is investigated by the steady method and the unsteady method of CFD.At the steady part, the performance curves at six different rotational speeds are calculated. And the flow field in the compressor at the design speed is investigated. The results show that a detached bow shock appears at the upstream of the rotor near stall and the shock intensity is very high. Near stall, the flow separation occurs up 50% span of the rotor suction side, under 50% span of the stator and OGV suction sides and the separation is higher near the hub of the stator and OGV. At the design point, a bow shock appears near the leading edge of the rotor and its intensity is lower than the shock intensity near stall, and the flow state is quite well. At the choke condition, a bow shock is attached to the leading edge of the rotor and passage shocks appear in the passages of the rotor, the stator and OGV, and the flow separation occurs on the suction sides of the stator and OGV.At the unsteady part, the stator-OGV clocking effect and the IGV-stator clocking effect are investigated. The results show that there is a best clocking position between the stator and OGV and the efficiency at this clocking position is 0.44% higher than others. But the IGV-stator clocking effect is not significant and it just causes 0.0025% change. Besides, the gap between the stator and OGV can influence the best clocking position and the change curve between the gap and the best clocking position is got in the study.These conclusions can give advices to the compressor test rig build, such as making sure the probe positions and the laser window positions. Besides, the solution is a blind one and it can be compared with the experimental results, which can be got later, to test and calibrate the CFD code. And the work is good for the F-class gas turbine design platform build in China.
Description: 参考文献28
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2511
Source URI: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/handle/123456789/1387
Source Fulltext: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/bitstream/123456789/1387/1/014%e4%bb%bb%e6%99%93%e6%a0%8b2004010669.pdf
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