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Title: 20世纪50至70年代的中国观 ——以爱泼斯坦文库所藏文献为例
Other Titles: The Perception of China from 1950s to 1970s —— Case Study on Epstein Library Collection
Authors: 胡泽
Keywords: 中国观
The perception of China
Discourse analysis
National images
Issue Date: 20130618
Abstract: 本文运用话语分析对20世纪50至70年代的中国观进行分析研究,其分析样本为清华大学爱泼斯坦文库20世纪50至70年代的访华游记。中国观是指西方国家对中国的认知和感受。从游记文本中建构二十世纪50—70年代的中国观,对于研究西方人怎样看待刚建立的新中国,怎样形成对中国的全面印象,具有重要意义。本文采取的是定性研究的方法,通过对这些文本的内容、思想分析,梳理出20世纪50至70年代西方世界中国观的形成原因和特点。通过研究本文发现20世纪50至70年代西方世界中国观可分别概括为:觉醒的中国(Awakened China), 崛起的中国(Rising China),以及阴影下的中国(China in the Shadow)。这些中国观的构建主要通过游记文本对不同时代背景下中国政治、文化、科学与教育、农业、工业、生活水平的描摹和分析集中形成。分析表明20世纪50至70年代西方世界中国观呈现出纵深层面的因果递进关系。
This thesis applies Discourse Analysis to explore the perception of China from 1950s to 1970s. Samples are taken from the travel notes in Epstein library, Tsinghua University. The perception of China is the cognition and reception towards China from western countries. This thesis constructed perception of China between 1950s and 1970s according to the analysis to sample travel notes, which is of great significance to understanding of the viewpoints of China from western countries. Qualitative approaches are both taken in analyzing these sample travel notes.The thesis figures out that the perception of China from 1950s to 1970s can be summarize into “Awakened China”, “Rising China” and “China in the Shadow” due to the description and analysis to politics, cultures, science and education, agriculture, industry, living standard within sample travel notes.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4296
Source URI: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/handle/123456789/3152
Source Fulltext: http://oaps.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/bitstream/123456789/3152/1/067%e8%83%a1%e6%b3%bd2009012885.pdf
Appears in Collections:Outstanding Thesis of Undergraduate Students 本科生优秀毕业论文(2013)

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