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Title: E-commerce platform strategic planning for innovative entrepreneurial firms
Other Titles: 致力于自主创新的在孵企业电子商务平台策略与规划
Authors: Chu, Ka Chun Gordon (朱家駿)
Xu, Xiaoguang (徐小光)
Frost, Natalie
Huang, Lydia Sihuang
Schultz, Katie
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The following report discusses e-commerce opportunities for Cloud Valley, an innovativeand comprehensive incubator located in Shenzhen, China. The report provides an indepthanalysis of e-commerce, evaluates the effectiveness of launching an e-commerceplatform for the client, and develops strategies for effective execution. Extensiveempirical evidence is utilized to determine the strategy taken for the platformdevelopment in addition to analytical processes of interviews and surveys to obtain datafrom the client and employees of the incubator. These procedures were undertaken toensure only optimal recommendations resulted in terms of strategic planning for the shortand long-term direction of Cloud Valley.The report firstly addresses background information incorporating an introduction to thebusiness incubator program, Shenzhen Nanshan Hi-Tech Incubator and to Cloud Valley.The topic of e-commerce is then introduced including the chosen definition of ecommerceused within the report as well as benefits and risks associated with ecommerceplatforms. Cloud Valleys’ current situation is then addressed incorporatinginterview and survey findings. The incubator’s current status of development, incubatee’srequirements and the client’s expectations are addressed prior to developing the strategicproposal. Subsequently, an overview of the recommendations is outlined, incorporatingthe project scope, objectives and approaches. A best practice analysis is undertaken tofind the best possible pathways to formulate the project, by drawing on successful ecommerceplatforms currently utilized by established incubators. After the empiricalresearch has been analyzed, in conjunction with the accumulated findings from theprimary and secondary methodologies, the e-commerce platform planning is outlined.Here the overall design of the e-commerce platform, detail design, an in-depth analysis ofeach phase of the platform, an implementation plan, and a conclusion to summarize thewhole infrastructure and potential benefits of the proposed project is outlined. Finally, thereport will suggest plausible limitations of the project, closing remarks andacknowledgements.The results from the utilized methodologies conclude that Cloud Valley are currentlyestablishing client profiling on their website and wish to establish an internet serviceplatform to improve communication and provide service, however have not yet come upwith detailing. Cloud Valley also has IT capabilities in providing platform services.Furthermore, interviews with Cloud Valley employees conclude that employees could bemore satisfied with the promotion of their products/ services, their level of IT training, ITsupport, and a networking platform. From these findings, three opportunities weredetected, one, increased online marketing exposure through the use of incubateeprofiling, two, improved communication transparency and educational services throughcommunication platforms and further support, and three, improved knowledge sharingand networking through the facilitated knowledge sharing platforms. After vast empiricalresearch into best practice methods by successful e-commerce platforms within theonline/IT services sector was conducted, three phases were developed and have beenexplained in-depth throughout the report. The three stages are as follows, stage one isdeveloping incubatees’ profiles, stage two is the implementation of an e-commerce platform and dedicated business services and stage three is to facilitate networking andknowledge sharing.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4577
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