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About OAPS

The OAPS (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students) project is an initiative that supports outcomes-based learning at participating institutions by developing and providing access to a digital collection of well-merited student papers.

As one of our major initiatives to promote scholarly communication and intellectual exchange across disciplines, regions and even cultures, OAPS prides itself on its expanding visibility in the global academic arena. Not only can OAPS papers be accessed from home institutions’ Library Catalogue, they are also searchable on a wide spectrum of world-popular search engines for scholarly literature such as Google Scholar and WorldCat.

By engaging students with the global community, their horizons can be broadened and their multicultural sensitivity can be nurtured. The international perspective not only contributes to students’ understanding of a specific subject area, but also to their understanding of the global community.

With rising exposure of OAPS papers in the online world, we are on the quest of facilitating teaching and learning at an international level. Through OAPS, students are recognized for their academic strengths and they are provided with a quality platform to share their findings with peers which is essential in every research or professional pursuit.

In this rapidly changing competitive environment, it is of paramount importance for our new breed of young professionals to cultivate reflective-thinking and develop practical skills. OAPS, establishing itself as a scheme to promote and foster academic caliber, has been making an unwavering commitment to enhancing students’ ability in reading, analyzing and writing. This would undoubtedly help equip them to be competent leaders after graduation.



OAPS计划主要目的是促进跨学科、跨地域、跨文化的学术交流和知识共享,并在全球学术领域不断扩大可见度。OAPS作品不仅可以通过成员机构图书馆的目录访问,也可以通过许多世界知名的学术搜索引擎(如Google Scholar 和 WorldCat)检索。





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